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What are our clients saying?

There’s no better way to find the right MedSpa for you than to ask people you know and trust for their experiences.  When considering your compadre’s opinions you knows you can always get an honest assement of who, what, where, when and how.  Get comfortable with us (and any one for that matter) but reading what other people say!  

“It takes a lot to impress me – and I’m impressed!”


“I cannot stop looking at my arms. The Accent treatment was so amazing, I love it!”

Lisa J.

I just wanted to take a moment to say how impressed I was with the results! The following day People kept saying how good I looked and asking what I was doing different. And I do mean all day…and the day after, as well. If this can be used as a testimonial, please do. Thanks again!

J.J.B., Sonoma County

“It looks like me but better”


“Nancie and her staff helped me with all my pre-wedding treatments. I’m so glad to have met Nancie and will be in as soon as my newlywed life settles down!”

Roya T.

“My chin is fantastic! No more creases and wrinkles. I even got complimented by a young waiter and it’s been years since this grandmother has been flirted with!”

Sandie M.

Listen to what our clients say:

“I feel like the person I used to be.”


“Nancie exceeded perfection in her profession. Now I am her forever fan and she is stuck with me every three to four months! Thank you so much for the tattoo removal. You helped me erase a very dark part of my life and words cannot express the appreciation of that.”

Sandra N.

“I’m just emailing to say how happy I am with the results of the work done on my mouth. Thank you so much. It looks perfectly natural and takes years off.”


“I had been wanting a peel for several years. Nancie’s kind efforts made the entire process so calming for this nervous girl. She even added the treatment to my arms and words cannot express how thrilled I am with the results.”

Jan M.

“I can’t believe the effect this has had on my confidence.”


 “No bruising at all and delighted with result. No problems at all.”